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Suits by indigent persons (poor or needy people):


THESE PROVISIONS ARE INTENDED TO ENABLE THE POOR OR NEEDY PEOPLE TO INSTITUTE AND PROSECUTE SUITS WITHOUT PAYMENT OF ANY COURT FEES. Generally a plaintiff (a person who brings a case against another in a court of law ) suing in a court of law is bound to pay court fees at the time of presentation of a plaint.

An Indigent person is exempt from paying fees provided the following conditions are satisfied:

Indigent person includes : person not possessed of sufficient means to enable him to pay the fees prescribed or where he is not entitled to any property worth one thousand rupees.

They have to apply and court will decide if the person can file as a indigent person or not.

However, grant of permission to sue as an indigent person does not meant that the person is exempt from payment of the requisite court fees. THE PAYMENT OF COURT FEES IS MERELY POSTPONED. If the person wins, the amount of court fees shall be recoverable by the state govt. If the person fails in the suit the court fees shall be paid by him.